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Age: 31 | Home Town: Philly

Years on Torch: 8
Preferred Torch: GTT Kobuki
Favorite Glass Alchemy Color: Serum

Elbo: Constant Evolution

Most people think of Elbo as the dinosaur pipe maker, but if you take a step back and look at Elbo's portfolio, you will see he is a design and marketing master.  Bringing these elements to the pipe world in a fresh way, he changed the game forever. 

Whether it’s a jar of pickles, a microscope, a monster truck, or one of his many dinos, Elbo's designs become a canvas with unlimited expression through color use, imagination and collaboration.  This connection between design and execution bridged the art and pipe world in a whole new way.

Celebrities have taken notice and their support has shined a spotlight onto Elbo. This increased awareness around his work has helped influence a whole new breed of collector and lampworker. While he continues to push his skills and designs in pipe making, he also invests time and energy into his music and representation of other artists at his gallery in Philly, Front St. Gallery.


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