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Age: 44 | Home Town: Philadelphia, PA

Years on Torch: 21
Preferred Torch: GTT Mirage
Favorite Glass Alchemy Color: Lemon Drop

M. Slinger

With deep roots in the cannabis and glass communities, 10 years into his pipe marking career, Slinger couldn’t help but put his film school skills to work and documented the emergence of our industry.  The result of joining the world of pipe making and the vision of Slinger was captured and told to the world through his film, "Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes". 

After releasing "Degenerate Art" it got picked up by Netflix, thousands of people have watched and streamed it around the world and mass awareness of the pipe making scene grew. Now, many emerging artists refer to Slinger's film as what sparked their desire to become a glassblower and to make pipes for a living.

As a maker, Slinger showed us the pipe could be utilized to express complex thought through the utilization of graal techniques implemented on classic pipe and functional vessels. As much as he has accomplished, Slinger continues to amaze us with his never ending commitment to his work, technique and this industry. 


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