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Posted on March 08 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


Company News, Product News

Crayon Colors Temporarily Unavailable

In light of recent concerns raised by local officials regarding certain custom glass manufacturers that use arsenic and cadmium in the production process, Glass Alchemy has temporarily suspended production of our Crayon colors and Lemon Drop glass products.  While Glass Alchemy does not use arsenic in our production process, low levels of cadmium are used in these specific colors.

Glass Alchemy has not been the subject of any regulatory concern.  However, to be responsive to public concerns about other producer’s activities, we will not be taking any new orders for these colors at this time.

These color include:

  • Red Crayon, 104
  • Lipstick Red, 105
  • Sangria, 106
  • Sunburst Orange, 202
  • Orange Crayon, 204
  • Orange-Red Crayon, 208
  • Acid Yellow Crayon, 301
  • Rasta Gold Crayon, 302
  • Yellow Crayon, 304
  • Lemon Drop, 3090
  • Chartreuse Crayon, 403
  • Olive Green Crayon, 406
  • Chocolate Crayon, 804

Glass Alchemy is taking this opportunity to continue to lead the way in color innovation by focusing our efforts on new ground breaking color development.

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  • senOiH: March 08, 2016

    Hope everything gets figured out asap! Im gunna miss my cads, at least I still have a bit left! Much love!

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