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Posted on May 17 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


Company News, Product News

Update on Cadmium Colors

As many of you know, in early February, Portland area glass manufacturers were the subject of air quality issues stemming from high levels of cadmium and arsenic found in moss samples taken by the US Forest Service.

As a result of the Forest Service study and community concern, Glass Alchemy temporarily suspended the use of cadmium in our production.  On April 20th, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality passed temporary regulations for Colored Art Glass Manufactures in the Portland area.  As part of these regulations, Glass Alchemy is now considered a Tier 1 manufacturer and is required to install a filtration system by October 1, 2016 in order to continue using cadmium, chromium and manganese – chemicals used in over half of our palette.

Since this issue came to light in February, we have been working with air quality engineers and environmental consultants to chart the best path forward.  At the time when this news broke, there was a lot of uncertainty as to what the new regulations would look like and what their impact would be on Glass Alchemy. As a result, we suspended the use of cadmium and put a hold on the sale of these colors until we had a clear understanding of regulations from both the DEQ and EPA. 

Glass Alchemy is in the process of installing a filtration system and we anticipate being in compliance by the deadline of October 1st.  Now that we have a clear path forward, and business uncertainties have been minimized, Glass Alchemy will be releasing our limited stock of cadmium colors via our website.  Given the large financial investment we need to make to keep making glass for all of you, cadmium colors will be sold at retail price via GlassAlchemy.com.


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