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Posted on March 07 2017


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


Company News, GAMA, Industry News, Studio Alchemy

Hand Made, Self Trained

Nick Voorhees is the embodiment of an underground artist.  Finding a creative outlet wherever he can, Voorhees is able to apply his imagination to glass, graffiti or actual canvas.

We are stoked that Voorhees has teamed up with us as a Makers Alliance Board member.  While his glass heads may be in a bottle, he is clearly able to think far outside the box, then stand on that box to paint - and we can't wait to see where his journey takes his art next.

With patience and persistence, Nick has worked hard to hone his craft and create imagery that is distinctly his own. This dedication has made Voorhees' work timeless at a time when trends and fads are all the rage. 

You can learn from Voorhees next week at Studio Alchemy, when he teams up with Salt for a two-day class. 



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