Posted on September 02 2016


Amber Carey


Product News, Small Batch

Insight into Small Batch Production

My name is Amber and I have been a GA employee for over a year now. You may have talked to me on the phone or seen me in person at our retail location. After receiving many questions regarding Small Batch colors, I want to provide a deeper understanding of the process as a whole.

Small Batch colors are a true reflection of the time and dedication we put into each batch of glass. As soon as a color passes our rigorous quality control standards, we post it online for you. Each color we make has a different production cycle and has different levels of customer demand, which impacts the general availability and wait time.

Although we do not offer production tours for safety reasons, the availability and wait times for Small Batch by Glass Alchemy colors, gives a "behind the scenes" look into the reality of producing the most artisan glass available on today’s market.

You are literally witnessing the process flow of seasoned alchemists at work.


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