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Posted on February 08 2017


Thomas Grimmett


Company News, Industry News

Introducing the Board of Directors

I mentioned in my last post that I really enjoy hearing from our customers, and you responded again with tons of feedback, questions and ideas. The one-on-one conversations are great, and I also want to keep everyone informed through this blog, so if you have questions or want me to address specific things, please let us know and we’ll tackle them here.

Last week, I talked about the philosophy behind the Glass Alchemy Rewards Program, including why we launched it and how we think it benefits everyone who buys and uses our glass.  I also mentioned our Glass Alchemy Makers Alliance Board of Directors, and promised more this week. So now, I’d like to provide some insight as to who these artists are, and how they connect to GA and the larger industry.

In 2009, the first full goblin Glass Alchemy Color Palette poster by Mike Shelbo was released.  This project was an important turning point in our company’s history.  As Mike made a goblin out of every color, we were able to work together to identify the colors that were not living up to the standards of modern lampworkers.  From Mike's feedback, I took the task of reformulating the problematic colors and took the opportunity to introduce new, ground breaking colors that helped fill the gaps in the borosilicate color palette. We never would have been able to fine tune these colors without working closely and directly with Mike.

Through that process and really since the start of GA, artist feedback has been crucial to our production process. Over the years, a small group of artists who use a large amount of color have emerged as my core go-to group for feedback. This group of artists has worked closely with me, many of them spending focused time on-site at Glass Alchemy, providing product feedback and engaging in the development process.

It is from that group of artists that we formalized our GAMA Board of Directors. As industry leaders, we thought it was important to provide a platform to help unite this group of artists and give them a larger, louder platform. 

Much like the Bones Brigade paved the way for the skateboarding industry, this group of artists is putting lampworkers and their lifestyle on the map. The Board of Directors are all making lampworking more accessible to the public, breaking down boundaries and helping to create a thriving industry for all of us.

I am stoked to introduce this group of artists:

Mike Shelbo, Board Co-Chair Marble Slinger
Ryno Ghost
Elbo Brandon Martin
Banjo 2-Stroke
Joe Peters Voorhees
Snic Coyle

The Board of Directors are committed to the future of this industry and to providing expert insight that will help Glass Alchemy maintain its role as the provider of the highest quality borosilicate glass in the industry.  They are not paid for their time, but they think it’s important to contribute back to the artist community. Jodi and I are thrilled to have them all on board.


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