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Posted on March 23 2017


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


Company News, GAMA, Industry News

Joe is Joe

While many of today's artists have an impressive set of crossover skills, Joe seamlessly integrates all of these aspects of flame-working into his intricate creations.His impressive set of crossover skills and various techniques in glass making makes Joe a valuable contributor to the GAMA Board. 

Never settling into a comfort zone, Joe is constantly pushing his skills in new directions to unlock new accomplishments and design achievements.

In 2013, Joe made an impact on the pipe making scene, bringing his years of furnace glass making and sculpting experience to a solo exhibition, which broke ground in a whole new way, setting the tone for years to come.  He has yet to slow down with many successful group and solo shows under his belt.  We eagerly await what he has to show us next.


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