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Posted on January 10 2018


Thomas Grimmett


Company News, Product News

More Glass, Lower Prices

Hi Everyone -

Glass Alchemy has been a grassroots operation since the company was founded by our parents in 2000. Virtually all our equipment and machinery is developed in-house, and Jodi and I have kept the company a family-owned business.  That’s the way it was in the beginning and that’s the way it continues to be.

Over the years, we have balanced cutting edge glassmaking with our homegrown origins.  2017 was a huge year for Glass Alchemy.  In addition to bringing our factory in line with the new state mandated environmental regulations, we also doubled our furnace capacity, implemented a new, state of the art furnace design and increased the square footage of our production facility. We can now continue to make innovative, high quality glass, but in larger amounts and in an even more environmentally responsible way!! Everyone wins, and we could not be happier. In fact, in the past 12 months, we have graduated 12 colors into permanent production! 

We also worked in 2017 to build stronger relationships with the artists who use our glass, starting with the launch of our Artist Direct program this time last year. This has helped us get our glass into your hands faster and has provided a stronger feedback loop on the quality of our product. All of us here love hearing from you!

All of this brings us to today, and the big news. We are stoked to announce a price drop on our Neo-Cad and Next Gen Transparent line of colors!! This price decrease for Neo-Cad and Next-Gen Transparents is just Phase 1 in our Artist Direct plan.  As Glass Alchemy and our industry continue to grow, we have more phases of Artist Direct benefits in store.  Check out the highlights of this change here.

We're proud to be a small, independent family owned business that works directly with artists.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We have an exciting 2018 in store for you - new colors are on their way and re-releases of some of your old favorites.

Peace – Thomas


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