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Posted on January 20 2017


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


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More Info on the Glass Alchemy Rewards Program

We developed the Glass Alchemy Rewards Program to answer the question we receive on a daily basis – how do I order direct and get a discount? In response to this question, we upgraded our website and developed a Glass Alchemy App, available now for all mobile devices. Because many of you don’t like to use email, updates will now arrive via push notifications on your device. This allows you to know when colors are available and will give you a heads up on promotional deals!

Your local and favorite lampworking resellers still have access to over 85% of the GA rod and frit palette. We are happy to supply them if they order. If you've been told Glass Alchemy is not selling resellers glass, then you were not told the full story.

Many of you have commented that you are loyal and faithful to your local distributors and we understand. That is why they have access to our Classic Palette, which includes 50 of our most used and time tested colors. You now have the flexibility to order from your local reseller, or receive the same great value directly from Glass Alchemy. If you choose to order from Glass Alchemy directly, all you need to do is create an account and you will receive the automatic Alchemy Insider discount of 30% off our Classic Palette.

The points system is simple and clear and you don’t need 5000 points to qualify for the 30% discount on the Classic Palette, or all GA-OK colors. You also don’t need 5000 points to get access to Small Batch and Test Lab colors.

With our Small Batch and Test Lab colors we want you to know that we care very much about every artist being able to obtain and melt these when available, which is why we have a direct to artist program. Each batch is made at our facility in Portland, Oregon.

We don’t import our glass from overseas and we are proud of that.

We don’t outsource our color development outside the USA and we are proud of that.

We know that you want to make the highest quality work, so Thomas has been diligent in his process of color making to bring you game changing, high quality borosilicate color.

We're proud to be a small, independent family owned business that can work directly with the artists that use our glass.


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