Posted on September 06 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


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Last Chance to Sign Up for Serum

Serum has been in season for the past seven weeks and this season is now coming to a close.  If you haven't already signed up for an email notification, now is the time!!!  The sign-up period will close in 24 hours.

If you are unsure how to sign up, follow the step by step instructions found here.

Small Batch colors are not mass produced and are only available for a limited time, so sign up while you can!  Hundreds of people are waiting for Serum, but don't worry  - everyone on the notification list will be contacted!!  

On the first day of the season over 1,000 people signed up.  If you haven't received your email notification, you will.  Just give it some time, we make this color in 30lb batches to keep the quality high.  Once you get your notification email, act fast!!!

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