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Posted on April 05 2017


Thomas Grimmett


Company News, GAMA

The Story Behind the New Logos

Over the last few weeks, we introduced you to the Glass Alchemy Makers Alliance Board of Directors. This group of artists has been an important part of my color development process for the past ten years. But the artists we work with on a regular basis are not limited to this group.

There are countless artists that we have developed relationships with over the years and we will continue to build relationships with many more artists in the years to come. One of the big reasons we launched the Glass Alchemy Rewards Program was to give us more direct connection to you, the artists who use our glass.

As Alchemy Insiders become Glass Alchemy Makers Alliance members, we look forward to introducing them to all of you. Some of the members may be very familiar to you, while others may be artists that have not previously been on your radar.

It's that same spirit of honoring artist development that influenced the logo designs for the Glass Alchemy Rewards Program. The overall components—circle, square, triangle—have been used for centuries to symbolize alchemy. Our placement of these pieces inside the larger circle is something we thought would serve as a fitting representation of what it means to be an Alchemy Insider.

We then took the logo one step further for the Glass Alchemy Makers Alliance.  The GAMA logo includes 14 alchemy symbols for glass, one for each of our founding board members.

We thought the story behind the new logo designs might be interesting to you. If nothing else, we want you to know that everything we do here is with the artist in mind. We love talking with you, hearing your stories and sharing your work.  We’ll be doing more of this in the weeks ahead via our website and on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll see you there.

Peace - Thomas


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