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Alchemy Outlet - Alphabetically: A-Z

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2lb Bag of Bits Quick View

2lb Bag of Bits

$ 50.00

Two pound bag of bits.  These bags contain a variety of unlabeled colors.  Pieces are 5 inches or less. Quality is mixed and the color selection re...
Blue Silver Quick View

Blue Silver

$ 50.00  $ 60.00

We are bringing back the Blue Shades and adding a little kick.  Blue Silver are test batches leading up to Ozone.  The rods have a blue base color ...
Blue Silver "Bottom Shelf" Quick View

Blue Silver "Bottom Shelf"

$ 40.00  $ 60.00

This is the Bottom Shelf version of the Blue Silver currently in the Test Lab. These bottom shelf batches will have shade variance and other imper...
Sold Out
Brick Red Quick View

Brick Red

Sold Out

Brick Red is a cadmium based red. If you miss the color of Lipstick Red or Sangria, this is a good color option.  This is not a Crayon Color.  The ...
Cloudy Double Passion Quick View

Cloudy Double Passion

$ 40.00  $ 65.00

This off batch of Double Passion has all the silver reaction on a cloud base.
Dark Agua Azul Quick View

Dark Agua Azul

$ 42.00  $ 60.00

Dark Agua Azul is just how it sounds.  Dark than Agua Azul and lighter than Really Teally.

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