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  • Shamrock, 4494 Rods - Glass Alchemy  - 1
  • Shamrock, 4494 Rods - Glass Alchemy  - 2
Shamrock, 4494 Rods - Glass Alchemy  - 1

Shamrock, 4494 Rods

$ 19.50


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Product Details:

Shamrock is Glass Alchemy's next generation green, with increased workability and density.

Working Tip: Work this color in a neutral flame. Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This opaque green is a similar color to the GA Heritage color Clover, yet when drawn down to a thin stringer or blown out it holds its density.

With GA Shamrock being so saturated it lends well to all types of solid and blown work. It works very smoothly and melts without sublimation or any definition of the termination when separated from itself. While I have had success with encasement under a thick layer of clear, I still suggest testing and experimentation when using opaque greens to check if the application works in different circumstances. GA Shamrock pairs well with all other GA Crayon colors, I recommend GA Sno White and GA Rasta Gold.

Try encasement of GA Shamrock with other opaques and transparent colors for a variety of different effects when drawn out thin or blown out to thinly veil the Shamrock. An example of this would be a light coating of GA Silver Strike-5 Frit and encasement with clear rod or frit to produce a natural toned effect with an earthy finish." - Mike Shelbo

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