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  • Lime Drop
  • Lime Drop
  • Lime Drop
Lime Drop

Lime Drop

$ 49.00


Product Details:

The release of the First-Gen Lemon Drop has been so well received, we are bringing you a green version! Lime Drop is a beautiful, limey green that goes great with the OG favorite, Lemon Drop!

Working Tip: This is a Retro-Cad™ and will not be as workable as the Neo-Cads™. Try adding a thin layer of clear if you are experiencing surface issues. In this photo, the stem is coil-potted and the bowl is a blowout.

Product Specifications:
Sold in a 1lb bundle, each rod is 16-20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter. These rods are rich in colorant and seeded for added vibrancy. Expect minor imperfections and surface texture that will melt away when worked.

 If you are looking for a premium version of this color, check out Chartreuse.


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