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First-Gen Transparents

What's a First-Gen Transparent?

The most affordable, high quality color made in the USA.
A great value for the price, First-Gen colors are rich in colorant, highly workable and vibrant.

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Smoke, 961 Smoke, 961 Quick View

Smoke, 961

$ 45.00

Smoke is a transparent gray that was retired ages ago and we are excited to bring it back as part of our First-Gen Transparent line. This version i...
Belladonna, 767 Belladonna, 767 Quick View

Belladonna, 767

$ 49.00

Belladonna is a beautiful royal purple. If you like Nightshade, but are looking for a cheaper option, then this is your color. Working Tip:This is ...
Elixir, 799 Elixir, 799 Quick View

Elixir, 799

$ 49.00

Elixir is beautiful, deep purple under CFL lighting and shifts to blue in natural light. Working Tip: This is a user friendly color and can withsta...
Aquamarine, 412 Aquamarine, 412 Quick View

Aquamarine, 412

$ 45.00

This beautiful light blue-green is a highly usable copper free color.  There is no chance of livering or reducing with this one! Working Tip: This ...
Ultramarine, 416 Ultramarine, 416 Quick View

Ultramarine, 416

$ 45.00

Darker than Aquamarine, Ultramarine is a beautiful blue-green.  It is a highly usable copper free color.  If you like Atlantis, but are looking for...
Sold Out
Kryptonite, 461 Kryptonite, 461 Quick View

Kryptonite, 461

Sold Out

One of your Old School favorites is back!! This color was originally retired and replaced by Crippy because it was too airy in comparison to Purple...

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