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  • Black Pearl, 9789
  • Black Pearl, 9789
Black Pearl, 9789

Black Pearl, 9789

$ 18.25


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Product Details:

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we are bringing back select retired colors for a limited time!!  Black Pearl, 9789 is now available.

After conducting a workshop on metal lusters and surface work, a student asked why there were no black luster colors. What a brilliant idea. Inspired by this conversation, we started playing with various formulas that would have the following characteristics: be black, opaque, difficult to muddy, easy to luster, demonstrate non-metallic striking effects! After extensive testing of several formulas, Black Pearl, 9789 was introduced.

Proceeds from this color will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is committed to the ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the U.S., challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

You can learn more about EJI here.

Working Tip:  Flame or kiln strike at 1075°F. Work neutral; reduce at end for metallic effects.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This color is really nice. The combination of black opaque glass and silver creates beautiful results that can be controlled, to a certain extent. The silver emerging on the surface of the color can be burned off with a hot sharp flame and then reduction can be used to control the amount of silver metallic shine or colored haze desired.

I like working this color without clear encasement, but clear can be added to trap luster and add to design and color possibilities. The color of the luster is mostly greens and blues but can vary depending on application to a range of violets and other colors." - Mike Shelbo

First Quality Product Specifications:
Each rod is 20 inches long and approximately 7mm in diameter


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