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  • Pastel Yellow Shades
Pastel Yellow Shades

Pastel Yellow Shades

$ 60.00


Product Details:

With the release of Citron and the development of this Pastel version, our goal is to give you two consistent options to replace our old, inconsistent Lemon Drop. Citron will always be transparent and the pastel version will always be pastel. This color will be available as Pastel Yellow in the Test Lab as we work on finalizing the Pastel Citron formula.

Here is your chance to try out some of the formulations leading up to the Small Batch release of Pastel Citron.

Note: Thomas' Test Lab may contains both First Quality and GA-OK quality in any one pound. The color formulation is still not final and final QC parameters have not been set.  This mix quality product allows us to offer our test batches at a lower price.

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