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Yellow Shades Quick View

Yellow Shades

$ 40.00  $ 49.00

A bright transparent yellow, these test batches fall between Lemon Drop and Citron. Note: Thomas' Test Lab contains good quality glass. The color ...
GA-OK Twilight, 548 Quick View

GA-OK Twilight, 548

$ 25.00  $ 40.00

One pound of GA-OK Twilight Product Specifications: GA-OKs do not meet the Glass Alchemy first quality standards and may consist of rods varying in...
Tomacco Quick View


$ 24.00  $ 80.00

Tomacco is an earthy orange-red translucent cadmium based color.  The shade and tone of Tomacco varies depending on the type of lighting.
GA-OK Sea Breeze Rods Quick View

GA-OK Sea Breeze Rods

$ 40.00  $ 55.00

Sea Breeze is a new transparent blue-green.  This color looks green in rod form, with hints of blue through the edges. GA-OK Product Specifications...
Ripe Banana Quick View

Ripe Banana

$ 55.00  $ 70.00

Ripe Banana is slightly darker than Banana. This color will have similar working properties to Banana and other Neo-Cads.
Sold Out
Topaz - Bottom Shelf Quick View

Topaz - Bottom Shelf

Sold Out

Topaz is a light transparent brown, with a slight pink hue.  When compared to Brozay, this color is on the browner side. These bottom shelf colors ...

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