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First-Gen Transparents

What's a First-Gen Transparent?

The most affordable, high quality color made in the USA.
A great value for the price, First-Gen colors are rich in colorant, highly workable and vibrant.

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First-Gen Transparent Sampler First-Gen Transparent Sampler Quick View

First-Gen Transparent Sampler

$ 45.00

Interested in trying out our First-Gen Transparent line?  This Sampler is for you!! 20 inch rods of 10 colors: Aquamarine Belladonna Elixir Krypto...
Atomic Kumquat, 263 Atomic Kumquat, 263 Quick View

Atomic Kumquat, 263

$ 49.00

This old school UV favorite is back.  A clear rod that glows orange under UV, Atomic Kumquat is now back as part of our First-Gen Transparent line....
Sold Out
Prince, 769 Prince, 769 Quick View

Prince, 769

Sold Out

Prince is a bright and vibrant purple. If you like Purple Rain, but are looking for a cheaper option, then this is your color. Working Tip:This is ...
Plasma, 199 Plasma, 199 Quick View

Plasma, 199

$ 49.00

Plasma is a First-Gen version of Serum.  Get the same great color shift at a lower price!! Working Tip:This is a user friendly color and can withs...
Lemon Drop, 309 Lemon Drop, 309 Quick View

Lemon Drop, 309

$ 49.00

This is the old school Lemon Drop you know and love (and miss).  We are excited to have this semi-transparent cadmium based yellow back in our pale...
Sold Out
Lime Drop, 409 Lime Drop, 409 Quick View

Lime Drop, 409

Sold Out

The release of the First-Gen Lemon Drop has been so well received, we are bringing you a green version! Lime Drop is a beautiful, limey green that ...

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