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Thomas' Test Lab

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Pastel Potion Pastel Potion Quick View

Pastel Potion

$ 80.00

Just as the name suggests, this is a Pastel version of Potion!! Here is your chance to try out some of the formulations leading up to the Small Bat...
Pastel Yellow Shades Quick View

Pastel Yellow Shades

$ 60.00

With the release of Citron and the development of this Pastel version, our goal is to give you two consistent options to replace our old, inconsist...
Topaz Quick View


$ 55.00

Topaz is a light transparent brown, with a slight pink hue.  When compared to Brozay, this color is on the browner side. Note: Thomas' Test Lab may...
Orange Shades Quick View

Orange Shades

$ 40.00  $ 65.00

Here's your chance to pick up some sweet transparent orange shades. These Orange shades are cadmium based and are test batches of our Neo-Cad line....
Royal Blue Shades Quick View

Royal Blue Shades

$ 40.00  $ 55.00

Not quite as dark as Brilliant Blue, the Test Lab Royal Blue Shades are a rich, vibrant blue. Note: Thomas' Test Lab may contains both First Qualit...
Blue Shades Quick View

Blue Shades

$ 40.00  $ 55.00

These Blue Shades are great glass at a great price. Not quite the same shade as any of our permanent palette, these Blue Shades will add something ...

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