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  • Yellow Crayon, 304 Rods
  • Yellow Crayon, 304 Rods
Yellow Crayon, 304 Rods

Yellow Crayon, 304 Rods

$ 23.25


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Product Details:

Yellow Crayon is a bright, school bus yellow. Dense, highly workable and vibrant, Yellow Crayon has been reformulated from the ground up as a Neo-Cad. 

Working Tip:Pre-heat in outer flame. Avoid rapid heating.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This color is a true yellow opaque. It's very natural and has an earthy tone to it.

Not too dark, not too bright, Yellow Crayon is just right. Works like other crayon colors and prefers to be in the mid to outer region of the flame but can come close to the torch tip in quick passes and light repeated spot heats.

The color density holds well in stringers, canework, and murrine. Blowing with Yellow Crayon works well with encasement or color on the surface of your piece and will stay dense until the color layer is blown thinner than 1mm. Compliments and contrasts with almost the entire Glass Alchemy palette, try Yellow Crayon, 304 and Tiger's Eye, 8595 for bumblebees or with Shamrock, 4494 for a classic combo." - Mike Shelbo

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