Posted on November 04 2019


Thomas Grimmett


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Crayon Colors are Back!!

Hi Everyone –

I am so happy to let you all know that our Crayon Colors are back!!!!!

It has been a long journey since we were thrown a curve ball a few years ago and had to install the State mandated emission control system. I will get into some of the details below for those of you who are interested.  But really want to stick to the point, which is Crayons are back!!

We are starting the re-release with Yellow Crayon, 304 and Chartreuse Crayon, 403.  Resellers are stocking up and they are available now in the Neo-Cad section of

Over the next few months, we will be re-releasing all your old favorite Crayon Colors, with some new color options joining the mix!  All with the workability, saturation and vibrancy you know, love and remember!!

So what took so long?

In order to correctly install the emission control system, we had to rebuild the entire inside of the factory.  This was a major undertaking, absolutely everything in the factory was moved and reconfigured.  The upside is that this process gave us the opportunity to overhaul our factory, but over the years, we had developed a specialized approach to making our Crayon colors.  Parts of this infrastructure had to be dismantled for the emission control system to work.

The system and resulting process changes had a huge impact on our color palette.  We had to adjust all our formulas, but the opaque colors were hit the hardest.  Ketchup, OJ and Banana are actually our old Red Crayon, Orange Crayon and Yellow Crayon formulas in our new environment once the emission control system was installed, crazy huh! 

Our new Crayon Colors have been reformulated from the ground up.  We have spent the last few years working to emulate our old environment in the new filtered set-up and reformulating these colors. It took a long time and a lot of investment, but we are really really happy with the quality of our new New-Cad Crayon Colors. They are dense, more vibrant and highly workable.

Happy melting!


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