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Posted on May 30 2018


Thomas Grimmett


Event, New Color, Product News, Small Batch, Studio Alchemy

Growing the Glass Blowing Color Palette with Pastels!!

Hi Everyone - It has been a while since the last blog. Things have been really busy here at Glass Alchemy and we are gearing up for our annual Open House on Friday, June 8th!! 

Before we welcome everyone to Portland next week, I wanted to talk about our Pastel Palette. I had been wanting to make pastel colors for quite a long time, but the release of our Next-Gen Transparents, including our CFL reactive colors like Serum and Potion, kept me and our furnaces more than busy.  Not long ago, we kicked off our Pastel Palette with the release of Antidote. It was an exciting milestone for Glass Alchemy!

The semi-transparent Pastel colors are really something special.  They have similar alluring optical qualities as the transparents, but they are even more enhanced.  With the pastel base, you can really see the detail and edges in sculptural work that can get lost in completely transparent colors. This is great stuff to work and best of all, they are compatible!!

We have a number of new pastel colors in the works and I am excited to grow this palette, similar to how we have developed the Next-Gen Transparents over the past few years.  A few weeks ago, we released Ether, our second color in the pastel line. This pastel blue is already extremely popular and we are stoked that so many of you are working with it and enjoying it. 

Last week, we added a third pastel color to our line up with the introduction of Pastel Serum!! Many of you had a chance to try this color when it was in the Test Lab.  Based on your feedback, we have finalized the formula and moved this color into Small Batch. If you tried Pastel Serum when it was in the Test Lab and you got a batch that you felt was too thin, never fear, the final formula is on the more saturated side of our test batches.

With our Open House right around the corner, we are gearing up to preview even more new pastel colors that we have in the works!! We love hosting our annual Open House. If you are in the area, please plan on dropping by. It is a free event, there will be demos going on, work on display and a whole lot of fresh new colors available from Glass Alchemy and PDX Tubing!

The Open House is a great way to meet other artists, watch some top artists blow glass in real-time, shop for glass, or just have a beer and hang out. We hope to see everyone here at GA on June 8th!

Peace, Thomas

Glass Alchemy Open House



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