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Thomas Grimmett


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The Glass Alchemy Artist Grant Program

The entire GA crew is inspired every day by artists who take our glass and turn it into spectacular works of art. But we got to thinking, what if there is an artist out there with an idea that is truly epic, but that artist needs the right opportunity and resources to get started? We talked it through, and the result is something we are really excited about!

INTRODUCING… The Glass Alchemy Artist Grant Program! This is a new way for GA to support artists who want to really push the limits of borosilicate. We are going to award one artist with up to $2,500 in color, to help their vision come to life!

Are you eligible? Well, are you an artist? Then, yes! No idea is too big or small; if you are dreaming of a massive, public art installation or a technical project to push the boundaries of boro, this is your chance to tell us about it. Apply here by September 9, 2017. All applications will be reviewed anonymously by Glass Alchemy and the final selection will be made by the Makers Alliance Board of Directors in early October.

Let’s go big, together. Your dream project might be the one that gets thousands of dollars in color. Get your application in today!


  • Kevin: July 25, 2017


  • Blake holder: July 20, 2017

    My shopmates and I (broka @shockey541 on Instagram) work in a small shop in Eugene, Oregon. Color is a commodity in this town, having only recently stepped into the online world haven't quite figured out the nuances of ordering. Staying loyal to our distributors as it's what we have known, but they tend to be picked clean. In fact our main supplier no longer carries your line of products! (Glasscraft) Shockey and I started almost 8 years ago, traveling across the state to his brothers to work, and then in a cubby hole we carved into our house. It's been a life changing journey and can't imagine a future without glass in it. Last year I started teaching my childhood sweetheart Brooke (broka) who in her own right with pen and paper, paint and brush, frosting and cake creates masterpieces with ease. She has come at glass the same. Bending the rules and boundaries of what we thought boro could do, very quickly did her instruction devolve into something predominantly organic, the experience of the medium itself. In our hands, your color would be used to help us craft and shape our dreams. In Brooke’s hands she would do amazing things, and grow powers like a glass fed monster! Creating all of the iconic characters she could find the color schemes too! Staring at the glass alchemy color chart featuring the goblin heads as i type this. Many times have I gazed and dreamed of the honor of crafting a myriad of pieces to portray the spectrum, my idea before all of this had been in the manner of the swords I make. But even the prospect of your offer has me inspired to think bigger! So thank you for the opportunity and inspiration regardless! Blaek aka @b_hold_glass

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