Posted on August 19 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


Company News

The Legacy Continues

Earlier this year we launched a new  We are excited about this next generation website since we are a next generation business!!!

Glass Alchemy was founded in 2000 by Henry and Susan.  At the start of 2015, our parents retired and my brother Thomas and I officially took the reigns of the company after years of behind the scenes leadership.  

We just got our new  About Us page up and running, where you can learn more about us and watch a video about our business transition.

As the second generation of family business owners,  Thomas and I are committed to continuing our company’s trailblazing legacy.  We come to work every day with the goal of making the best, most exciting glass this industry has ever seen.  

Most people think we are a huge company, but there are only 15 of us here at Glass Alchemy and we love what we do!!!

Thank you for all your support.


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