Posted on July 12 2017


Thomas Grimmett


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New Neo-Cads™ Coming Soon!!

I don’t know about you, but even when the munchies kick in, a snack of OJ & ketchup doesn’t sound too appetizing. But a combo that might not sound that great as a snack, has been a huge hit for our Neo-Cad line.

We are blown away by how much artists love working with Neo-Cads. Between the popularity of these colors and the fact that Neo-Cads allow for fearless sculpting, they have flown off our shelves.  It has been a dream of mine to make a cadmium palette that is sculpt-able. The fact that our customers are now making an entire piece out of cad colors is awesome – just a few years ago, this wasn’t a possibility.  I love it when you guys help make our dreams a reality.

I also love opening new avenues in color. Glass Alchemy would not be able to push boro boundaries without our customers! Now that you are using cads like never before, the demand on these colors is like never before. Since we are a small operation, we can’t make every cadmium color at once. We only have so many pots here, and quality is too important to us to rush product out the door.

We want to make as many colors as we can, while making sure you have the chance to get your hands on what you need.  As we begin what will be an ongoing color rotation, we have started making a new Yellow variant called Banana, and soon we will add Chartreuse to the Neo-Cad™  line up. We’ll make as much as we can before moving to the next colors in rotation. I’m excited about the opportunity to continually provide new, vibrant, exciting cads to our friends across the country and around the world. This is glass that artists will be stoked to have in their palette and collectors will be stoked to add to their collections.       

We are sold out of ketchup and our OJ stock is now dwindling down, so be sure to grab some - since it might be a while before it is back in rotation. In the meantime, get ready for some new Neo-Cads!!

Thanks for giving all of us at Glass Alchemy a daily dose of inspiration to make glass that is worthy of your talent and passion.

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  • BorosilicateMushroom: July 18, 2017

    Mad love and respect to you and the rest of the glass alchemy family <3 . Keep pushing it to the next level, I love working with your colors!

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