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Mike Shelbo


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Shelbo on the Mic

My heart and mind are overflowing with inspiration and admiration because of all the wonderful people who came together to support this year's Michigan Glass Project!!

The attendance from the public and demonstrating artists this year was massive! Each day more and more people showed up to contribute in one way or another, knowing it was all for charity. Bringing art classes back to the public schools of Detroit through the help of Art Road is a great cause that we can all see a direct impact in being involved with.

As the master of ceremonies it was my duty to keep things moving on the mic while everyone was moving and shaking on the ground. A positive energy was flowing through the air and it kept getting stronger as we moved up toward the height of the event. The Silent Auction nearly doubled in size compared to last year and had beautiful work to offer to our patrons. I overheard and was told many tales of happiness from those who obtained their new treasures. Objects ranging from pendants and marbles, to pipes, goblets, tools and sculpture were available to bid on all 3 days of the event closing out at 6 on Sunday.

The Silent Auction led us into the Live Auction where I had the job of auctioneer. This part has become one of my favorite ways to contribute to our glass charity community and this year was the best yet. We had 14 items go up for auction and raised almost $35,000 in an hour at the event on the Live Music Stage outside. With day 3 coming to a close, we joined Germ at this year's Sip and Whip for a celebratory drink and raised more money to put art classes back into the schools of Detroit.

With the finest pieces of the event being completed and put into the kilns at the end of the event, there is much more work to show and sell for the benefit of Art Road. Artists worked for days on some of the collaborations and we cheered as each extensive project was placed into the kiln for annealing.

Salt would not stop working and while juggling the completion of the largest functional collaboration at the event, he unleashed an hours long session of the Dabber Extravaganza which raised even more money on the spot for the Project!! We ended staying up until 6 or 7 in the morning on Monday until he turned off the torch.

Now, in the aftermath of the event, we are seeing beautiful photographs of all the work going up for auction on Instagram from Alex Reyna. There are tons of great photos of the event from Pyroscopic and everyone that attended.

I know it is early to say this, but do not miss the next Michigan Glass Project!! Save the dates when they announce them and make this event a must do for 2018. No other glass related event has ever made me feel the way this one does. It was art classes that saved me as a troubled youth, so the cause hits close to home. The ability to show the power of the people in our community and industry makes me so proud of all of you and what we accomplished.

To the future, and the children who are our future, we believe in you! To all the artists who help make this wonderful event happen, I thank and commend you. Stay tuned to @themichiganglassproject on Instagram to see the total impact from this year's contribution to Art Road Detroit.

See you in a year!

Mike Shelbo


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