Posted on July 19 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


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Small Batch by Glass Alchemy

Serum is now in season!!!  Here is your chance to get your hands on this highly sought after Small Batch color by Glass Alchemy.   

Small Batch colors are handcrafted by Thomas, our master glass batcher, with your finest head pieces in mind.  Thomas oversees the production process of these Small Batch colors from start to finish, procuring the highest quality chemicals from around the world and sparing no expense in order to bring you the most fire color ever!!  Utilizing his years of color making experience, Thomas is making you the most workable, reliable glass he can.  And to keep things fresh, he will be changing the color he is working on from season to season.

Serum will be in season for the next few weeks and you can sign-up for product notifications if we sold out by the time you got to our website.  Over the next few weeks, we will be listing additional quantities online and email notifications will be going out to those that signed up, to let you know once more is available.

Serum, and other Small Batch colors by Glass Alchemy are only available on  These colors are made in small batches and require a lot of resources, making it financially unfeasible to supply our resellers.  That's why we don’t mass produce them, which means they are only in season for a limited time.   If these colors went through a middle man, the retail price would need to be significantly higher.  We are working on cloning Thomas in the R&D lab.  Once we unlock this key technology, there will be enough Serum for all!!! Until then, keep your eyes on the Small Batch by Glass Alchemy section of our website. 


  • Reardon Swenson- Hayward : August 23, 2016

    Super excited!

  • Geoff: July 20, 2016

    signed up, not always around internet though. sure hope I dont miss it, almost wish people could pre pay and just sit on the list when it got to them just send the serum. but hey thanks for the opportunity either way.

  • Alec Mavorach : July 19, 2016

    Would love some serum forster or odds or anything! Thanks for this opportunity!

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