Posted on March 30 2018


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


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The Glass Alchemy Numbering System

We have had a few people ask about our numbering system lately.  We thought it would be a good idea to re-share this information.  

You will notice that each Glass Alchemy color has a number, in addition to a name.  We have created a color numbering system based on the chemical properties of the glass.  By understanding what the numbers mean, you will be able to choose colors based on their chemical properties and know how to work them.

The First Number is based on the ROY G BIV spectrum and represents the primary color of the glass.  For Example 100 = Red, 200 = Orange, etc… 

The Second & Third Number (the 3rd number in a color with four numbers) indicates the primary chemical(s), so that the artist knows what properties they are dealing with.

The Last Number (in all colors) generally indicates the color’s saturation level.  For example, Cobalt-6, 516 has a higher saturation than Cobalt-1, 511.


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