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Thomas Grimmett


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From Test Lab to Small Batch

Hello everybody - 

Since the start of this year, you have been able to get your hands on some colors named "Thomas' Transparents".  I want to take a little time and explain the purpose for these test colors and the role they play in my color development process.  

Thomas' Transparents are a product of my Test Lab, the color research & development center here at Glass Alchemy. When I'm working on a new color, I test my theories and put them into application. I don't settle for the first thing that comes out of the pot.  Daily, I am making small adjustments to the recipe and batching process to get to what I consider to be the best and most workable glass formulas. 

When I feel like I've hit the most balanced formula, I consider the color ready for production testing.  Before being fully released, the formula needs to be produced with repeatable results through the Small Batch process.  During this process, I am in direct control of the batches from start to finish. 

So when you are buying a Thomas' Test Lab color, you could be buying something really rare that will never be made again, or you could be buying the precursor to a Small Batch release.  Some of what was sold as the Thomas' Transparent - Greens will look very similar to Crippy which is coming soon to Small Batch. 

In 2013, I started down the path of making the most air-free and vibrant transparent colors possible.  It has always been my goal to develop an entire palette boro workers never had before... a low air content, vibrant rainbow spectrum of transparent colors.  These colors include Rozay, Tangie, Lemon Drop, Haterade, Rain Drop, Blue Dream, Purple Rain- and don't forget the orginal CFL colors, Serum & Potion. 

Thomas' Test Lab is a way for me to explore the formula varieties for a given color and pick only the best for Small Batch production.




  • Thomas Grimmett: October 22, 2016

    @Jimmy Corder – Serum and Potion were intentionally designed to achieve a color shift under CFL. Before these colors, nobody used the term CFL activated or reactive to describe this type of color. Serum and Potion paved the way for a whole new line of color for the boro worker. Since the introduction of these colors, everyone is making and claiming CFL. The trend started here.

  • Thanks Thomas great job!: October 20, 2016

    Love glass alchemy!

  • Jimmy Corder: October 20, 2016

    Just curious what you mean by “the original cfl colors, Serum and Potion.” Do you mean they are original to you? Or do you mean they were the first to the borosilicate market?

  • Casey : October 19, 2016

    I admire the drive to make new creations with near perfect quality. Glass Alchemy has continued to amaze me with the quality and originality that I crave in every day life. I can almost taste the colors glass alchemy creates so thank you Thomas for allowing us to tap into the test lab. Into the void we go.

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