Posted on August 26 2016


Jodi Grimmett Ozen


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Tonic - A New Small Batch Color

If you weren't able to attend our Open House earlier this Summer, now is your chance to check out Tonic!!!  

Tonic is the newest Small Batch color by Glass Alchemy and is an aqua blue-green tinted transparent. A crisp and bright color, Tonic is reminiscent of a vintage clear glass bottle with a light green tint. Like all the other new transparents, it has a high refractive index which helps capture the vibrancy of the color.

As a cousin of Rain Drop, you should work Tonic in a neutral to oxidizing flame for best results. A heavy propane flame can cause reduction on the surface, resulting in a light red tint or streaks.

If we sell out of Tonic before you get a chance to get some, be sure to sign up for an email notification.  


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